3 Kitchens with Cottage Bar Pulls

1) At Home With The Barkers

Sonya updated her kitchen by painting the lower cabinets black and replacing the hardware with 3″ Cottage pulls in satin rose gold and 1-1/4″ Cottage satin rose gold knobs.

Kitchen renovation with Hickory Hardware Cottage knobs and pulls in satin rose gold

Not to mention she used the same knobs & pulls in this adorable beverage bar.  Placed in a former “space just for clutter under this stairs” to this fantastic use of space!

Beverage Bar with Hickory Hardware cottage knobs and pulls

2) Relocated Living

Isadora used 128mm Cottage satin nickel pulls and 1-1/4″ Cottage satin nickel knobs on her white Ikea cabinets. She even provided the cost breakdown for all the products she used!

Ikea white cabinets with Hickory Hardware Cottage knobs and pulls

3) Simple Redesign

Julie updated these builder grade oak cabinets by painting them in a gorgeous blue-gray. This kitchen underwent many updates including new hardwood flooring, granite island, quartz perimeter, marble backsplash and of course, new hardware! Featured hardware:
– 128mm Cottage pulls in brown windsor antique
– 1-1/4″ Cottage knob in brown windsor antique
– Antique Brass Surface Self-Closing 3/8 In. Offset Hinges

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